GYSA is non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of our community through youth participation in sports. Our vision is to provide the children of Goshen with an instructional athletic program that promotes teamwork, builds self-esteem and respect for others, and increases skill knowledge in a safe, non-threatening competitive environment. GYSA operates as a Donor/Volunteer – based organization that includes Board Members, Coaches,Team helpers, Sponsors, and those that offer improvements to our facility. GYSA relies on registration fees and concession profits to provide enough income to supply the following: uniforms and insurance for each player, maintenance of the soccer fields, sports equipment, parking lot repairs, and Referee expenses. These funds also cover the cost of the property lease and utilities.

                                                                                        ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY
Goshen will not tolerate parents, coaches, or players being disrespectful to each other, the Refs, or the fields. The first warning will be announced before the game by a Ref or Field Official. THERE WILL BE NO SECOND WARNINGS!!! There will only be an escort to the parking lot. If you have any questions about this, please contact a Goshen Board Member. 
                                                                          NO PETS OF ANY KIND ON THE FIELDS!!!!
                                                                          NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND ON THE FIELDS!!!!
                                                                           *THIS INCLUDES CIGARETTE SUBSTITUTES*
Cigarettes, Cigars Pipes
Smokeless tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco; pouched or long cut) spit, spit less, oral tobacco


All AWAY GAME Team Treats will be paid for by GYSA. All Home game team treats are purchased at the Concession PRIOR TO GAME TIME. Team Treats are $10.00 per team per home game. This is for Season only. Team Treats for Tournaments MUST be paid for by the team for every game.

Coaches, Please do your part this season in keeping the fields clean by picking up trash after practices and games, striping your fields as scheduled, and pitching in with other tasks as needed.

GYSA Board appreciates your help!


GYSA would like to thank everyone for coming to the fields and supporting Tommy. We are able to raise $2,212.70 in a very short amount of time.

Special Thank You to the following:

Scheadler underground for supplying the #prayfortommy bracelets

Home Depot for supplying the purple light bulbs

Daley Lambert for supplying support to the family and assisting in fundraising events

Goshen Community. We never could have raised this money if it were not for everyone coming together and supporting Tommy and the family. Goshen truly is incredible!

Goshen Youth Soccer Association